Learn the most advance skill up to date in the PMU industry 

Nhung Phan PMU Academy is one of the well-established and leading brands in Permanent cosmetics that was founded by Nhung Phan and Jack Le in 2016 in Vietnam. Nhung Phan PMU Academy has grown into an international brand after 1 year and is recognized for its quality assurance control and excellent service.With strategic leadership and innovation, we are constantly growing and expanding our business activities from service and education to products and event management. Whether it is across the country or the world, we are a place where you can entrust your beauty and future with us.

Meet Our Founder

She is pioneering Permanent Makeup in Vietnam and leading artist when it comes to new techniques and products. She strongly believes that nothing is impossible as long as we work hard for it, with our whole heart and passion. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing she has brought more value to the industry and helped others.

"Success is not a coincidence, but a culmination of dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence. When you give your best, the results will reflect your efforts, shining brightly as a testament to your hard work and determination."

 – Ms. Nhung Phan

Trademark Technique

Dazzle Brow™

Dazzle Brows™️ helps achieve the desire of fullness for eyebrows by using machine to implant pigment in the skin. This technique creates a misty, filled brows similar to the look of makeup, as opposed to simulated hair. The color transitions from light to dark giving that perfect ombré make-up effect.

Satori Brows™

Satori Hairstrokes Technique™️ is the most advanced technique to this date that enhances and delivers the hyper realistic looks for eyebrows with machine. Using the machine to create individual strokes following the actual hair patterns helps to achieve a more of subtle and realistic looks, most importantly the strokes retain more pigment and last longer as opposed to Microblading.

Luminous Eyeliner™

Luminous Eyeliner™️ – it integrates makeup style into permanent makeup that enhancing the makeup look on the eyes such as the colors appear to be progressively vanishing as another hue takes over, for an ombré eye that is fade-tastic!

Amore Eyeliner™

Amore Eyeliner™️ is the latest technique that can be done on almost everyone! Which means it also perfect for cover-up bad eyeliner work. Don’t worry about it looking too dark or aged you, Amore Eyeliner™️ will create the softest tail but very sophisticated looks, at the same time adding depth and definition to your eyes.

Luscious Lip™

Luscious Lips™️ is a type of permanent makeup in which it enhances the lips appearance to fuller, defined outlines and color restoration for pale lips. This technique will reduce the need to re-apply lipstick or lip gloss. It also helps correct and balance the symmetry of lips that are uneven, too thin, too thick, or scarred. It can also enhance the natural color and shape of “perfect” lips.

Luminous Lips™️

Luminous Lips™️ is an advanced ombré lips shading technique where it emphasizes the softness and color transitions from light on the outer lips to dark on the inner lips without a defined outline. This way the lips will appear to be very natural

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