Kit Value at $320

1. Zerda Beaute Volume Training Manual
2. Magnetic Head band with 4 palates
3. Zerda Volume Isolation Tweezers
4. Choice of Zerda Curved, Angled Tweezers
5. Zerda 3in1 Super Bonder Primer 
6. Zerda Radiant Lash Glue
7. Zerda Cream Remover
8. 20 x Gel Pads
9. 50pk x Lips wands
10. 50pk x Mascara Wands
11. 100pk x Microtips
12. 20 x Glue Caps
13. Eyelash Tape
14. Eyelash Case
15. Mix Length Palate 8mm-15mm  D/0.12
16. Mix Length Palate 8mm-15mm CC/0.12
17. Mix Length Palate 8mm-15mm C/0.12 
18.Mix Length Palate 8mm-15mm L+/0.12
19. Mix Length Palate 8mm-15mm D/0.07
20. Mix Length Palate 8mm-15mm CC/0.07
21. Mix Length Palate 8mm-15mm C/0.07
22.Mix Length Palate 8mm-15mm L+/0.07

Course Outline

1. What is Russian Volume
2. Classic VS Volume
3. Volume VS Stacking
4. Characteristic of a Volume fan
5. Understanding Volume Weight
6. Products & Prep
7. Volume tweezers
8. Volume tweezer – holding
9. Volume tweezer – methods of fanning
10. Mix Set/ Doubles Fanning technique
11. Volume Fanning technique
12. Adding texture
13. Eye styling
14. Pre-fans
15. Station Set up
16. Eyelash Mapping
17. Glue Placement and Dipping
18. Troubleshooting

Zerda Beaute Student Perks

tudents of Zerda Beaute will receive one-month complementary lashing experience in the studio. To book contact 0411223972 to arrange time.

Ongoing Support through Zerda Lash Group

Lifetime Student Discount on Zerda Beaute Products

Purchase over $150 receive 10% off
Purchase over $250 receive 15% off
Purchase over $400 receive 25% off